Before submission

You must first deposit your preprint on a preprint server, such as bioRxiv or arXiv, to obtain a DOI. You can then choose between two workflows:

A) Exclusive processing: You agree that you have not submitted, and will not submit, your preprint to a journal whilst it is being evaluated by PCI C Neuro. In exchange, we will inform you within 7 days whether your preprint is selected for evaluation, and if so, we aim to provide a rapid turnaround, with an average of 20 days for the first round of peer-review.

B) Parallel processing: You may submit your preprint to a journal whilst it is being evaluated by PCI C Neuro. We will inform PCI C Neuro recommenders and reviewers that you have chosen the parallel workflow, and they reserve the right to decline from reviewing if they feel it is an unproductive use of their time. This is a slower workflow, with an average of 40 days for the first round of peer-review.

When you submit a preprint to PCI C Neuro it is logged as a stamp on our log page in order to keep a transparent record of submissions. The status and link content of the stamp evolves as the preprint proceeds through the workflow: all reviews and recommendations will be published and linked to it, including reviews of incomplete evaluations, should the authors fail to submit the requested revisions. Reviews for those preprints that are rejected will not be made public at any point.

You must be aware of the timing of the process. It takes:

  • up to 7 days before a recommender decides to handle your preprint and therefore to send it out for peer-review.
  • a mean time of 20 to 40 days before a recommender takes a decision based on the first round of peer-review
  • The evaluation of your preprint might take several rounds of review before the recommender take the final decision to reject or recommend your preprint.

Details about the evaluation & recommendation process can be found here


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