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What is PCI C Neuro?


The recent surge in neuroscience preprints has created an unmet need for the evaluation and scientific validation of these open access articles. Indeed, preprint servers ensure rapid dissemination of scientific content but do so at the cost of imposing very little in the way of quality control. In addition, preprint authors seldom get critical feedback (e.g., only 5% of BioRxiv preprints receive open comments on BioRxiv) and therefore there is also an unmet need to extend the usefulness of preprints. PCI C Neuro aims to address these needs by bringing together a community of circuit neuroscientists who recommend unpublished preprints based on peer-reviews to make them complete, reliable and citable articles. Our recommendation process is free and transparent, encouraging openness and setting the stage for constructive discussion.


PCI C Neuro is part of the parent project Peer Community In, an original idea of Denis Bourguet, Benoit Facon and Thomas Guillemaud.

PCI C Neuro will consider all submitted preprints that demonstrate good scientific method and sufficient data to support their conclusions , including studies replicating previously published work and showing negative results.

PCI C Neuro is free: there are no fees associated with the evaluation process, and no charge for access to the comments and recommendations.

PCI C Neuro is transparent: all reviews and recommendations are published on the website and accessible to all. Recommendations are signed by the recommenders, and reviews may also be signed if the reviewers agree to do so.

PCI C Neuro accepts parallel submissions with traditional journals. However, authors should declare parallel submissions to PCI C Neuro and should be aware that doing so may reduce the chances of their preprint being considered for review. It should be noted that parallel submission is being trialled at PCI C Neuro and is not currently accepted by other PCI communities.

Why submit your preprint to PCI C Neuro?



Which manuscripts can be recommended?


PCI C Neuro will evaluate preprints, and to a lesser extent articles published in journals, dealing with Circuit Neuroscience and in particular with these subjects: neuronal circuits, neuronal assemblies, neuronal oscillations, neurophysiology, synaptic physiology, synaptic plasticity, neuronal biophysics, neuroanatomy, neuropharmacology, behavioural neuroscience, systems neuroscience.

The articles recommended may have diverse formats: reviews, opinion papers, research articles. No editing, formatting or proofing of the recommended papers is required.

PCI C Neuro recommenders

Recommenders manage the evaluation of preprints. They have a role similar to that of a journal editor (finding reviewers, collecting reviews, and taking an editorial decision based on reviews). If they decide to recommend a preprint, they write a “recommendation” that has its own DOI and is published on the PCI C Neuro website.
PCI C Neuro recommenders can recommend up to five preprints per year. They are expected to comply with the code of conduct of PCI C Neuro, are eligible for selection as a member of the Managing Board for a period of two years, and they can propose the nomination of new recommenders to the Managing Board.

How can I become a recommender for PCI C Neuro?

New recommenders are nominated by current recommenders and approved by the Managing Board. If you are interested in becoming a recommender, please contact a current recommender in your field.

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Managing board of PCI C Neuro


Mahesh Karnani (INS, ETH Zürich, Switzerland)

Marion Mercier (IoN, UCL, United Kingdom)

Vincent Magloire (IoN, UCL, United Kingdom)

To contact the Managing Board please send a message to contact@cneuro.peercommunityin.org